Shoulder Massage

Shoulder pains are common in work-related ailments. The most common structure causing the shoulder pain is a Rotator cuff, consisting of four musculoskeletal muscles supporting muscles and tendons. Up to now, the recursion of the circulator has been treated primarily by surgery. The study "Treatment of non-traumatic rotator cuff tears" published in January 2014 shows that there is little difference between the effectiveness of surgical treatment and physiotherapy. Orthopedics Juha Kukkonen, who was involved in the research group, said in a news release of Helsingin Sanomat on January 21, 2014 that physiotherapy can achieve faster healing than surgery.


  • Hand is clearly marginalized
  • Pain in the shoulder when lifting the hand over the horizontal
  • The shoulder is usually twisted forward
  • Handling the hand is problematic
  • Blindness is impossible
  • It disturbs night sleep, requires special sleeping positions