Head Massage

A great tool, helps to relax, calm headaches, as well as the improvement of the condition of hair. If you do head massage regularly hair will look better. The blood supply to the scalp is improved, and the roots comes more nutrients. From the massage head hair stopped falling out and become more healthy. In the implementation of the massage heads you need to follow the exact direction of movement from head radially in all directions. Massage movements produce in the direction of hair growth, otherwise you can injure the roots of the hair, clog the ducts of the glands.

Head Massage Benefits..

  • stimulatrs the circulation brings oxygen and nourshing nutrients
  • activates dorvant hair follicpes to promote new growth
  • The purpose is to relax tension in the upper back, head, shoulders and neck. Head massage associated with acupressure technique in the head, neck and chest spine helps to induce a high release. Gentle straining of energy points on the face and neck bleeds the skin, helping to prevent stress and aging. This massage relaxes you, it also acts on headaches and its repetition has a positive effect on frequent migraines.