Foot Massage

Although the massage of the feet is often underestimated, it is not so simple. When done properly, it involves applying pressure to certain points on the foot that correspond to and affect various organs and body systems. This technique is very relaxing, especially for people who spend most of their time on foot or just suffer from pain and fatigue in feet.

Foot Massage Benefits:

  • rehabilitates injuries and boost general health
  • transquility and stress free
  • improves circulation and cleansing
  • energy and rejuvenation
  • Reflexive foot massage follows ancient Chinese therapy, such as acupuncture, but is non-invasive and pleasant. Only finger pressure is used instead of needles. There are a number of points and zones on the feet, which are linked to all body organs by meridians (energy paths). Stimulating these points can positively affect the function of the related organs, stimulate their natural regeneration, relieve their pain, or even cure them altogether.

    Foot massage has a very relaxing effect and not only physiologically but also psychologically and antistress. Reflexology can play an important role in achieving and maintaining a better state of health and well-being, and to induce physical and mental harmony.