Sports Massage

Sports massage has become an indispensable element in the training process of athletes. It helps to combat the effects of physical fatigue. Massage tired muscles to help relax and prevent further damage. It is a sport massage that is needed when athletes have to make an effort before they can rest, for example in multi-stage cycling races or multi-day volleyball or basketball tournaments.

Sports massage techniques are specific to a particular discipline. They allow you to focus on a specific area of the body that is exposed to stress, stress or aggressive movements.

This massage can be used as a stimulation of the movement apparatus by effort and tone toning effects after exercise. Adapted to the discipline of sport, it increases flexibility, helps to prevent injury, improves endurance, prepares the body and mind for optimum performance.

Sports massage is an integral part of the wellness system. Used as an adjunct in professional training programs. It allows you to better prepare the athlete's body for physical exertion. Reduces the risk of injury. Sports massage is recommended for professional athletes as well as amateur athletes should use it to achieve better results and improve their well-being.

The goal of a sports massage is to warm up, remove fatigue resulting from intensive physical effort, remove leaven or eliminate the resulting injury. Sports massage is also a very important element of the preparation of our body and our muscles for the winter or summer season.

Sports massage occurs in several forms, as a massage:

  • Sports before exercise - is intended to prepare the body for sports effort, it is used as a supplement to warm up, because it causes warming of the joints and tendons, relaxes the muscles, increases flexibility and effectiveness of the muscles - is performed at the place of training immediately before the exercise;
  • sporty between the exercise - the massage performed during the intervals between the efforts, maintain the athlete's high activity during the competition, the massage supplies the muscles with oxygen and nutrients, removes toxins, so that the muscles get more work ability and regenerate faster;
  • sports exertion - is intended to shorten the regeneration time of the body after intense and long-lasting effort. Its main function is to improve the circulation of blood and lymph, as well as reduce the post-muscle tension.
  • Sports massage is not a firming or slimming massage.

    Made on therapeutic oil that strengthens the massage effect.