Full Body Massage with Sauna & Jacuzzi Bath

The air bubbles swirling in the water gently but efficiently massage the body. The result is a deep relaxation of the body and spirit. After a busy day or intensive sports activities, bathing in the jacuzzi is particularly good: after 10-15 minutes, relaxing tight muscles and circulating blood flow begin within 10-15 minutes. For people with sleep disturbances who have back pain or joint pains, all the time, this air and water massage therapy bath is an excellent way to restore health.

full body massage is the most popular and well-known type of massage in the world. Our center while the sauna & jacuzzi bubbles make you a gentle massage to the body. The traditional spas living hot water gushing from the ground with beneficial properties for the body, while the urban heat artificially. There are two types of thermal waters according to their geological origin: the magmatic and telluric. The temperature is higher magmatic -superior 50 ÂșC- while terrestrial origin hardly reach this temperature. In addition, these, the most common, have a lower mineralization. Hot springs loaded with negative ions, which are beneficial to the human body for its ability relaxing.

If you've never done a massage before, it's best to start with a full body massage with sauna & jacuzzi bath. If you think your body needs a deeper study, and you can tolerate extreme pressure and even discomfort to relieve muscle pain, try a deep tissue massage, which is one of the types of classical full body massage.

In general, depending on the preferences and needs of the client, and also on what techniques the masseur owns, the classical massage can be both rather gentle and unhurried, and very intense and hard. Regardless of the type of classical massage, during the session the specialist necessarily lubricates the client's body with massage oil. Then he performs various massage movements of varying strength and in different rhythms - they warm up the muscle tissue, relax the clamped muscles, relieve tension. Classical massage also promotes relaxation, both physical and psychological.

The principles of classical massage are based on the Western concept of anatomy and physiology, which is usually contrasted with the theory of energy channels (meridians) with which people who practice Asian massage techniques work.

And before you finish, we suggest a visit to our Jacuzzi Bathtub rehydrate you. A small space to sit and steam to purify your lungs while you eliminate toxins from the body. The pleasant scent of eucalyptus atmosphere and freshness help improve breathing.