Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a therapeutic and preventive procedure. At the same time, it is a powerful psychotherapeutic agent that promotes relaxation, relaxation, complete relaxation and the elimination of remaining stressful situations.

The Swedish massage, which is a combination of Arabic, Old Believers, Greek and Chinese methods, has a very positive effect on the body. In this regard, this procedure is effective in preventing many pathologies.

Swedish massage has a positive effect on joints. The procedure is intended for nerve and muscle tissue stretching. This type of massage is particularly beneficial for those who have had severe stress or surgical intervention.

This curative manipulation technique was developed by Henry Lings from Stockholm at the beginning of the nineties. The main task faced by a doctor is to improve your blood circulation. Unlike many other types of similar procedures, Swedish massage is made deeper and more powerful. This contributes to the fact that the seals are kneaded and stretched into the neuromuscular bundles as well as the muscles, as intensive manipulation affects deep-seated tissues. Currently, this type of massage is one of the most popular in Europe. If you go to a medical facility or beauty salon, this procedure will be carried out by highly qualified specialists. However, there are five basic techniques that anyone can learn to provide their relatives with health.

Manipulation performed during a Swedish massage should not be harsh. Particular attention should be paid to the start of the procedure. Slow motion promotes better soft tissue and muscle development. Use special creams or oils. Massive movements do not create friction that does not cause a burning sensation of the skin.

The main methods of recovery are fretting and friction, kneading and rhythmic blows, as well as vibration. At the first stage of the massage, smooth and slow finger movements, which seem to be familiar with the body, must be performed. Thus, the back is prepared for efleuria. These manipulations are also slow. In this case, palms, fists and fingers are used. At the next stage, the body is developed by calming. The soft cloth is pressed in the fingers, pulled back and only then released. Manipulation is done evenly and evenly.

The next step is friction. The body tissues at this stage of massage are squeezed and at the same time drawn aside. Then there are movements that cause vibration. They should be implemented rhythmically and quickly. Swedish massage ends with staples. Do not be afraid of them. Manipulations are performed gently, rhythmically and without pain.

A Swedish massage, with prices ranging from 1,000 to 1,800 rubles, can be performed at a medical center. The procedure will be performed by an experienced specialist, after which the patient will definitely feel rest and regain strength.