Royal Thai Massage

Thai massage directs energy flows in the body by a gentle pressure on certain points. It also includes compressions and stretches. Like shiatsu, Thai massage is performed on a mat on the floor. Combines gentle and rhythmic pressure on energy flows called "Sen" - "Zen" deep like yoga, stretches. Thai massage differs from other styles in that the client does not lie flat - masseur your moves and stretches in a series of different poses. It feels like in yoga, but without doing anything. This technique is more energizing than the others, and also reduces stress and improves flexibility and freedom of movement.

Royal Thai Massage Benefits:

  • benefits almost every organ of your body
  • relaxes muscles and relieves pain
  • stretches the muscles to sustainable point
  • improves joint motion
  • circulates the blood throughout the body
  • relives in muscloskeletal pains
  • promotes mental relaxation
  • sleep problem are reduced
  • Royal Thai massages are almost unchanged for more than a thousand years. It is part of a family of oriental procedures based on the therapeutical theory of internal energy flows and energy balance. Thai massage is primarily the release of energy, the cleansing of the mind and the pain of your body. Thai massage consists of applying force to pressure points, releasing the muscles, joints, tendons, feet, stretching the spine and bringing the body with total physical and mental relaxation.

    Thai massage is a body work methodology that combines elements of acupressure and yoga. The Thai massage session starts in a relaxed position on the back with work on the front of the body. By the rhythmic swing movement, the masseur processes the feet and continues to work on the energy lines. The set culminates with large yoga asanas that the untrained person will not achieve. The masseur uses the entire body, but the feet or elbows are always targeted and not used for violent manipulation.

    It features elements of traditional Thai massage, as well as elements of Indian Ayurveda, one of the oldest treatment systems in the world. It is a milder form of classic Thai massage, where it develops less pressure on individual points using 100% natural oils, adding fragrance essences imported from Thailand.

    Helps back pain, muscles, joint problems, improves blood circulation, strengthens the lymphatic system, strengthens immunity. It is an excellent disease prevention. The body harmonizes, heals, strengthens and offers perfect relaxation.