Chest Massage

Most common chest pain is in heart disease. During an attack of a frog or angina, a moderate pain occurs in the sternum or the heart. It can spread along the left hand, neck, jaw; In rare cases it spreads to the right half of the sternum. The frenzy stops rest and warming.

The external massage of the heart lies in the strong and rhythmic pressing of the chest in the direction of the sternum to the spine. As a result of rhythmic repeated pressure, artificial blood circulation is maintained in the body. Heart massage is performed to restore autonomic heartbeat, which is characterized by pulsations of the sleeping and arterial arteries, decreased cyanosis or skin pallor, pupillary contraction and increased blood pressure.

It is necessary to know that rough execution can result in breakage of ribs, damage to the lungs, heart and other organs. It is recommended that the heart massage be preceded by a fist with a fist in the chest, where it is possible to restore heartbeat.