Back Massage

The back is the back of the trunk, which is located from the lower part of the neck to the border between the lower back and the sacrum. The back is formed by the spine with posterior ribs and soft tissues located on these formations. A furrow is defined along its center, in which one can see the spine and vertebrae. Restrain the back on both sides of the muscles, passing along the back. The dorsal musculature is represented by five layers of muscles. It maintains the trunk in an upright position and actively moves the spine, raising and lowering the ribs, moving the shoulders and hands.

To understand how to do a back massage, it is useful to master its basic methods and principles.

All movements in the treatment of the back should be along the course of the lymph flow:

  • Begin and end the session with relaxing superficial strokes;
  • From the waist to the inguinal lymph nodes;
  • From the lower thoracic to the armpit;
  • From the upper thoracic to the supraclavicular lymph nodes.
  • The technique of classical massage includes superficial (stroking, rubbing, continuous vibration) and deep tricks (kneading, squeezing).

    In addition to general rules, there are specific recommendations and techniques that can teach how to properly do back massage and separate muscle groups.