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The wellness center is the perfect place for relaxing the spirit and body. Especially comfortable when outside temperatures are lower or if it’s rainy weather. Allow us to give you an invaluable feeling of health, enjoyment and rest in the luxurious ambience of our Wellness Center. By providing services in our Wellness Center, we wish to bring you closer to your holistic wellness and experience that will help you to live healthier, look better and simply feel restored, relaxed and vital. In line with nature, we achieve the best results with a great range of treatments for the body, face, nails – according to your choice. Probably we can interest you for an always useful ritual, body massage.

Massage is actually the oldest form of treatment. Although today there are various massage devices, manual massage is certainly the most effective method. Special programs will help you relax your body and muscles and relieve tension, stress, pain, and unwanted skin conditions like cellulite. In our wellness we offer these massages.

Welness for massages

Classic massage – Free from physical and emotional tension, increases the elimination of harmful substances from the body, acts through the nerves on the internal organs and regulates their work. In addition, it improves blood circulation and deepens breathing. The term lasts 60 minutes.

Relax massage with aromatic candles – mild and pleasant massage with warm aromatic candles, which achieves complete relaxation of the body. It enables the harmony of the body and mind to eliminate pain and tension caused by everyday life. It improves circulation, accelerates metabolism and has an anti-stress effect. It takes 60 minutes.

De stress massage 110 grass – De stress massage is a combination of therapeutic massage and relax massage. The massage concentrates on parts of the body where the stress accumulates most: the back, neck and face. It has a beneficial effect on the psychophysical condition, and the oil with 110 grasses will alleviate all tension and pain. It takes 40 minutes.

Sports massage – it is a more intensive massage ideal for athletes, or those with more active body activity. It prevents the formation of lactic acid produced by the muscles and thus enables rapid muscle recovery. The term lasts 45 minutes.

Medical massage – one of the most effective types of massage and a simple tool for achieving a fast and efficient result of various disorders in the body. Favorite among clients brings 45 minutes of goodwill toward your body.

Partial massage – massage for the back, legs, feet. It is a localized massage that can be therapeutic or relaxing. It’s a great choice for tiredness and acute pain. It allows instant relief and relaxation of the voltage. Ideal for those who do not have much time because it lasts 30 minutes and the efficiency is high.

Anticellulite massage – Cellulite is a bite of fatty tissue underneath the skin. The bunches are random, so the skin often has the appearance of orange bark. Likewise, the fatty lumps can bite underneath the fingers. It works profoundly to the oily and connective tissue. The massage is strong, and the movements are quick and deep. Cellulite circulation will help in reducing it for 40 minutes.

Special massages

Four-handed massage – warm oil mixes, coordinated movements of two therapists guarantee that this massage will relax and rest you. We are based on various massage techniques that help the client to “open” and receive energy that will awaken the joy of life. It is beneficial for the nervous system and is recommended to all who suffer from insomnia and nervousness, it takes 60 minutes.

Hot Stone Massage – a special type of massage that uses smoothly heated stones to relax muscles. Stones are the most common basalt, a black volcanic rock that absorbs very well and retains heat. This is primarily a very comfortable and relaxing type of massage. The heat of stones helps to relax stiff muscles, improves circulation and soothes the nervous system. The term lasts 75 minutes.

Deluxe Wellness Body Treatment

Let your body speak for you, be completely relaxed and get rid of everyday stress with special body treatments. In addition to the massage, you can also afford luxurious body treatments. You can use the treatment on the same day when you massage as part of your wellness day or especially on another day. Some luxurious treatments already contain a massage within the treatment, and here’s what it is.

Lavender spell – this ritual with peeling of sea salt and aroma of lavender oil, will remove the dead skin cells of the body, and relax massage with a warm candle from lavender will refresh the skin and relax the mind and body. The treatment lasts 75 minutes.

Dalmatian port – olive oil is one of the most precious natural ingredients, rich in antioxidants, and vitamin E, facilitates the elimination of toxins from the body. This ritual is based on butter

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