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Massage and Aromatherapy: The Benefits of Massage Therapy Allied to Aromatherapy

Therapeutic method, massage has exceptional virtues and provides numerous and undeniable benefits to the body. It promotes physical and mental relaxation, promotes sleep, helps prevent disease, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminates tiredness, helps treat respiratory diseases such as asthma, acts on constipation and improves digestion.

Contrary to popular belief, massage is much more than touching and rubbing the skin and muscles. Massage therapy has an action on almost every body system.

Massage promotes numerous benefits, many of them linked to blood flow that favors oxygenation of skin tissues, muscles and organs, as well as evacuation of toxins and reduction of cellular acidity. Moreover, its psychological benefits associated with stress reduction are undeniable.


Aromatherapy is a branch of herbal medicine that has several therapeutic purposes, whether preventive, healing, relaxing, aesthetic, comfort and well-being. It is a specialized branch that works only with the aromatic part of the plant world. From the aromatic plants are extracted the essential oils, highly concentrated and active substances, which many scholars call the “soul of the plant”. It can be said that aromatherapy has the genius of transforming a plant from solid state to liquid state, in the form of essential oil.

Effects of Massage on the Integumentary System

Massage therapy has a direct and effective impact on the integumentary system (the skin). Friction on the skin increases body temperature and causes dilation of blood vessels and an improvement in blood circulation. This will allow for better vascularization, oxygenation and nutrition of tissues as nutrient rich blood reaches the skin surface and facilitates the elimination of its toxins, leaving it soft, supple and toned.

These effects generate many benefits in reducing cellulite.

Aromatherapy, through the use of essential oils, optimizes the mechanical gestures of the massage therapist. Bleuet Essential Oil has orange, cypress and rosemary essential oils that act directly on blood, lymphatic circulation, toxin drainage and skin regeneration. It is ideal for facial massages because it deeply nourishes the skin and acts on cell regeneration leaving it full of life.

Despite the many benefits, it should be noted that people with skin problems need a prior medical evaluation to know whether or not massage will be advised. In cases such as acne, burns, blisters, herpes, psoriasis, rosacea, ulcers, eczema and others, massage will be contraindicated.

The effects of massage on the muscular and skeletal systems

It is common for people to look for a massage therapist when they have a muscle problem. The most obvious effects of massage on the muscles are the relief of muscle tension, reduction of pain, tiredness and increased flexibility.

Some massage techniques, especially when combined with essential oils with antispasmodic and antalgic properties, reduce the frequency and intensity of muscle spasms and relieve pain.

Frequent massage sessions are indicated for the treatment of fibromyalgia, muscle fatigue, cramps, dystrophy and muscle tension. In these cases, the combination of essential oils with anti-inflammatory, antalgic and draining properties greatly improves the outcome.

The petrissage technique improves muscle tone and eliminates toxic agents from the muscles. This evacuation of toxins creates an environment conducive to cell regeneration. In sedentary people, muscle stimulation by massage decreases atrophy (muscle loss).

During massage the muscle fibers are mobilized, this prevents the formation of adhesions. This term, commonly used in the US, describes mini scars or knots that form at the cellular level that can reduce muscle strength and flexibility and cause pain. The palper-rouler technique is very effective at removing adhesions.

Massage favors the recovery of athletes after a test or a great effort. A recent study deals with the biochemical mechanism responsible for attenuation of inflammation thanks to massage.

Bleuet Movement Oil is a complex and balanced combination of 10 essential oils in high concentration with anti-inflammatory, antalgic, draining, antirheumatic and circulation activating properties. Due to the properties of their essential oils they promote great relief, comfort and rapid muscle recovery.

Over the skeletal system massage promotes increased retention of minerals due to increased blood circulation in the region.

Thus, we can say that massage relieves pain, reduces tension, stretches muscles and tones the body.

The Effects of Massage on the Nervous System

The effects of massage therapy on the nervous system are numerous. There is a reduction of stress, anxiety and increased relaxation. People who receive frequent massages have their pain relieved due to increased endorphin production. Studies show that massage contributes to better, more restful sleep.

The massage associated with Bleuet Calm oil accentuates the benefits of relaxation. It is a delightfully scented combination of relaxing, soothing, antispasmodic and antalgic essential oils that provide tremendous well-being. It acts via the olfactory pathway causing immediate relaxation and over the muscles relieving the pain caused by emotional tension.

The Effects of Massage on the Nervous System

Massage favors the release of certain hormones that reduce stress and depression levels. Increased serotonin and norepinephrine promote relaxation. In addition, it helps lower cortisol levels in the body, which reduces stress levels and strengthens the immune system.

Because of the effects of massage on the endocrine system, people with hypo or hyperthyroidism, diabetes, hypoglycemia, and others should consult a physician before undergoing massage therapy.

The Effects of Massage on the Circulatory System

Massage therapy has a great benefit for the blood and lymphatic circulatory system. It assists in venous return circulation, eliminating excess fluids and toxins. Swells are diminished. Massage is also recognized for stimulating lymphocytes in the blood which enhances immune system function.

Massages favor the elimination of toxins, venous circulation and lymph drainage, conditions that help in the purification and detoxification of the body. Massage prevents and treats the sensation of heavy legs.

The ultra-thin and ultra-fresh Bleuet Lightness cream is rich in essential oils with circulation-activating, venotonic and analgesic properties. And in anti-inflammatory plant extracts. It also has natural menthol that promotes freshness and immediate relief from the sensation of heavy legs.

People with anemia, heart problems, migraines, strokes, lupus, lymphoedema, and chronic fatigue should consult a physician before undergoing massage therapy.

The Effects of Massage on the Respiratory System

Massage therapy acts on the respiratory system as it contributes to the strengthening of the respiratory muscles and consequently improves overall lung function. The massage benefits people with asthma, apnea, brachitis, laryngitis and sinusitis.

The Effects of Massage on the Digestive and Urinary System

The digestive and urinary systems benefit from massage therapy. For the digestive system, massage contributes to proper bowel function, elimination of gas and relief of constipation. It can stimulate the overall digestive process.

For the urinary system, massage helps increase the volume of urine and consequently favors the elimination of metabolic waste, purifying the body.

People with anorexia or bulimia may benefit from massage due to the decreased anxiety it causes.

Benefits of Massage on the Psychological Aspect

At the same time that it acts on the body, massage has positive effects on the psychological part of the individual. It promotes deep relaxation, favoring overall well-being and good mood thus aiding in the fight against stress, anxiety and depressive states.


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