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The tensions of our day to day we accumulate in our cervical. Some people are more aware of this overload and


possible pain and who is less. But if someone offers to give us a massage in our neck, we are all willing to receive it regardless of the pain we may notice in our neck. But to relieve neck pain, it is not necessary to wait for someone to give us a massage; but we can have a massage ourselves. Keep reading this article and you will know how to give yourself a neck massage.

Steps to follow:

  • The first thing you have to do is sit in a chair and mobilize and stretch your cervicals a little, through the exercises that we tell in the article how to stretch the neck muscles. This way you will prepare this area and relax it.
  • Before giving yourself the massage, you have to put some cream or oil on the tips of your fingers and rub them between them to heat the product used.
  • Place both “L” shaped hands on each side of your spine. Both hands are horizontally to your shoulders and fingers facing inward (toward your spine) and parallel to your shoulders. Thumbs have to look down and stand a little more anterior respect the other four fingers of the hand.
  • You have to use the tip of your fingers to massage your neck. The movement has to go from top to bottom, that is, from the base of your head to your shoulders. It is a circular movement made with the fingertips in the different parts of the back of your neck. Performed on both sides at once.
  • Then place the fingertips of both hands at the base of your head, on both sides of your neck and by pressing you have to pull the skin of the neck up. As if you stretch it. The pressure must be maintained for 10 seconds and you have to repeat the movement 3 times.
  • Then you have to apply a circular movement at the base of your head using the fingertips of both hands. You have to start in the central part of your neck and move your hands towards the ears and finish the massage in the area around the ears.
  • To finish massaging your neck, become increasingly superficial scrubs with your fingertips all over the surface of your neck.

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