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Everyone knows about the benefits of massage, and many people use this useful procedure. Massage refers to physiotherapeutic procedures and has a beneficial effect on health. It is proved that the use of essential oils for massage increases the effectiveness of the procedure several times. This is one of the main methods of aromatherapy.

From literary sources it is known that massage began to apply more than two and a half millennia BC. And around the same time, the use of essential and fatty oils for massage is mentioned. So aroma massage is a proven procedure for millennia.

It can be common when exposed to the whole body or local, in which massage is performed on a specific area or part of the body.

How to use essential oils for massage.

The best result from the use of essential oil with massage is achieved with the right combination of components and the selection of proportions. The absolute requirement is the naturalness of all components in the mixture.

There are several highlights of using aromatic blends for massage:

Aromatic oils should be used only with diluted base (transport) oils;
Immediately before starting a massage session, the mixture must be thoroughly mixed, if it has not been prepared in advance. Body massage oil should be used either at room temperature or slightly warmed up in a water bath.
When creating a combination, observe the proportions: 5-10 drops of essential oil are added to 1 tablespoon of base oil.

Essential oils for different types of massage.

The use of one or another essential oil depends on the goals of the course result. In addition to general and local massage, types of massage can be divided by purpose. There are a lot of them.

For all types of massage under the influence of essential oils on the skin is immunomoduliruyuschee, analgesic, antispasmodic, antiseptic, hypotensive effect. Consider some types of aromatic massage and what oils can be applied to them.

1. Relaxing massage

A good relaxing aromatic massage can be made with a mixture of mint, lavender and sage. Such a combination of components can have a calming effect, relieve fatigue and slightly cheer up.

When using any citrus aromas, you can achieve improved mood. It is important to remember that in order to get a quality result, you should not drink alcohol before the massage procedure. It has a negative effect on the nervous system.

2. Anesthetic massage.

The analgesic effect of essential oils during massage is well studied. To relieve pain syndrome, it is good to use mint, lemon balm or coniferous oils, you can add cloves, thyme or jasmine.

Many of these oils are used in ready-made ointments and oil blends. For example. in Vivasan medicinal creams, thyme cream and Juniper cream, which I have already described, have a analgesic effect. And jasmine and lavender aroma oils are recommended for women for anesthetic massage during labor contractions.

3. To improve intimate relationships.

The oils are antifrodisiacs, which include ylang-ylang, jasmine, patchouli, geranium, sage, and cloves, which can increase sexual desire and promote sexual activity. Aroma massage of the body with these oils improves hormones, helps partners to feel each other better.

4. Improving memory and brain activity

To improve mental activity and memory, essential oils of mint, rosemary, lemon, and bergamot are used. They have a stimulating and stimulating effect on the central nervous system.

In this case, the massage can be performed pointwise, affecting the biologically active points – on the temples, the third eye area (above the nose bridge), above the eyebrows, near the ears, on the occipital protuberances.

5. Anti-cellulite massage.

The most effective result in the fight against cellulite is given by citrus oils – orange, lemon, grapefruit. Geranium, juniper, neroli, patchouli can also have a positive effect. It is best to do anti-cellulite massage with a mixture of oils.

It should be noted that it is necessary to deal with cellulite in a complex. In addition to massage, you need to do physical exercises and adjust the diet.

6. Anti-aging massage.

Massage with rose, geranium and jasmine oils. Neroli, rosewood, patchouli, sage is able to return the former youth to fading skin. A positive effect is observed when adding these components to cosmetics.

To enhance the effect of massage, it is useful to do anti-aging facial exercises.

7. Massage for skin beauty.

Orange, chamomile, sandalwood, rose, geranium will help get rid of dry skin. People suffering from oily skin type are well suited to a mixture of grapefruit and juniper, lavender, tea tree. Read more about skin care with essential oils here.

8. Head massage for beauty hair.

If you have problems with your hair, you can use hair masks with oil mixtures, while the mixture is useful to do a light massage of the head, rubbing the mixture into the hair roots. This improves the blood supply and nutrition of the hair follicles.

To get rid of dry and brittle hair will help mixture of sandalwood, rosemary, orange. Excess fatness of hair is treated with lemon, cypress, tea tree, improves thyme and rosemary hair growth.

Thus, when combining various types of essential oils, you can easily achieve the desired result.

Tips for using aroma oils.

When conducting a massage, it is necessary to take into account that the same essential oil can affect different people in completely different ways. Each person is individual and features of perception of essences are different.

When carrying out massage procedures at home, I do not recommend using ready-made massage mixtures, as a rule, there are many components of artificial origin in them. It is better to take olive or other edible oil, and add the necessary aroma oils.

Before carrying out massage procedures at home, you must first familiarize yourself with the rules of aromatherapy and the use of essential oils, otherwise there is a risk of harm to health.

In the course of the massage, it is necessary to limit the amount of the applied composition, the massage mixture should cover only the area of ??the body on which the procedure is performed. Finished a massage on this part of the body, put the mixture on the next part and do the massage.

During the massage you need to choose essential oils that are most pleasant for you, because no matter how useful the composition is, with an unpleasant aroma you will not be able to fully relax and achieve the desired result. The most important rule in aromatherapy is the odor approval rule.

Contraindications aroma massage.

It must be remembered that for certain health problems should be abandoned massage treatments.

Carefully read the contraindications for each oil before using it, if the essential oil is new for you – do a test test. Read more about the rules of application of essential oils ..

During the massage, put on nice music. I propose to listen to soothing healing music to restore nerves and depression. She wrote an article for this music, really liked it.

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