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Historians can not say with certainty how long ago humans first began to use different flavors of herbs and flowers in order to impact on the body. But it is known that the most famous beauties all generations did not disdain aromatic oils by adding them artfully into the water for baths and ointments for the body. And let aromatherapy is considered serious scientists only as insignificant form of alternative medicine, it is necessary to learn more about its use for weight loss and getting rid of cellulite.

First of all, the concentrated essential oils can be successfully added to the usual anti-cellulite cream or enrich them any body lotion. Top aides in the fight against “orange peel” will Petitgrain, mandarin, lemon (which is thus also perfectly removes skin irritation). It is also useful patchouli oil, but it has a number of contraindications, and therefore the future mums to apply it is not necessary. The most important thing the whole process – strictly adhere to the recommended proportions, because such aromatic oils at all general concern Increasing the amount of added oil is not exactly guarantee a more intense result, but to provoke allergy or skin irritation can therefore.. accurately follow the instructions, select from the proposed oil one thing or combine two or three ingredients, and enjoy the wonderful smell, which in addition to the aromatic value stimulates the metabolism and improves the condition of the skin on so important for us to areas of the body. By the way, the basic cream can be replaced coconut or almond oil, which themselves possess the ability to smooth out the skin, and in conjunction with the right set of aromatic oils are particularly effective.

Another quite effective, means for receiving a bath with the addition of aromatic oils. Because under the influence of warm water pores dilate in nutrients there is a better chance of a positive impact on our body. It is believed that the leaders in the number of weight-loss helpers are oils of lemongrass, bergamot, lavender, rosemary and grapefruit. It is important to remember that you can not just drop the oil into hot water, it degrades its dissolution. You need to add it to a cup of fresh cream and a couple of spoons of honey (the natural sources of beauty are a great alternative to salt bath), and then dissolve the mixture into the bath. The water temperature should be comfortable, duration baths receiving achieve no more than fifteen minutes. And a prerequisite for success is total relaxation, concentration of thought on its internal and external appearance. Try to find a little time, and then benefit from regularly performed procedures will be much greater.

For those who are eating is an antidepressant, is required aromatherapy with the mental effects. It is no secret that seizing a bad mood, we simply do not know another way to relax and get away from the endless bustle. To help in such cases are called incense sticks, candles with added to the essential oil. The best smells for lifting mood have cocoa butter and cinnamon, ylang-ylang and orange. Enjoying these fragrances can improve the mood, add in outlook on life and optimism again believe in their capabilities.

Therefore, perhaps, is to make the use of essential oils for their habit, the more so because of the inhalation favorite flavor of calories in the diet is not exactly increase, and learn new ways of caring for the beloved body is always useful. And let the parting with cellulite and excess weight to be enjoyable!

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