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Restless, busy, and busy days have become very common in the present day we live, we can say that it is almost impossible to spend a day just relaxing without doing anything in routine, therefore, it is common to appear some symptoms of stress.

And as many already know, there are several stress symptoms that are not at all cool to get along with, so I will tell you in this article about a great stress-relieving massage.

But did you know that relaxing massage has other benefits as well?

And that a relaxing massage is indicated by several reasons other than stress?

Continue reading this article to find out what are the great benefits of relaxing massage.

After all, what is a relaxing massage?

The relaxing massage is performed by a technique with gentle movements and maneuvers such as: sliding, stretching and clamping with your hands on the muscles of the body.

Aimed at promoting a deep relaxation, decrease of muscular pains and cramps.

How is it done?

The massage is made with vegetable oils that will aid in continuous movements, thus maintaining a specific rhythm, capable of stimulating the production of hormones responsible for relaxation.

The main purpose of a relaxing massage is to provide the various benefits that will be talked about below, but the question is …

When is it indicated?

I can say that it is popularly indicated against stress, but it is also indicated by other reasons and the main ones are:

Anxiety and emotional problems
Insomnia or excessive sleep
Cervicalgia, back pain and back pain
Slow metabolism
Physical Exhaustion

Now that we know what are the main indications, I also want to highlight in this article the contraindications, because we should not do something harmful to health, right? The contraindications in the case of the relaxing massage are:

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
Cardiac and vascular changes
Fever and Infections
People fasting or just having a meal
Bone fractures

Before performing your massage

Now that you know when to perform a relaxing massage in a healthy way I will tell you how to prepare for a relaxing massage to guarantee all the expected results and provide all the possible benefits.

It is very simple to prepare, just follow the following rules:

Avoid eating before the session, eat something light, preferably 70 minutes before;
Go in a bikini, because as the massage is made by oil, it is necessary to stay only in underwear;
Remember to remove your rings, chains, earrings and watches to facilitate the massage.

After checking these 3 tips it is vital to make the most of it, avoid thinking about your problems and seek to breathe calmly, and try to empty your mind.

Now yes! The great benefits

Are you ready to receive all the benefits that massage can provide?

I believe so! So I can talk about all of them.

Are they:

Fighting stress and reducing anxiety
Combat depression as it promotes the sense of well-being
Moisturize skin by decreasing premature aging
Reduce tension and muscle pain
Stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation
Eliminate toxins and metabolic waste
Improve immune response

There are so many benefits in a single massage that you can not miss this opportunity to relax, right?

So no excuses that the routine is too hectic and you are out of time, if caring is essential to health and there is nothing better than taking care of your health by doing a relaxing massage!

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