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To offer a natural and authentic spa experience, special treatments that will provide you with the most exclusive examples of old and new spa & wellness massage in delhi, live by staying true to the local traditions.

Thai Massage
Thanks to effective pressure on the energy points and yoga stretching movements, it provides energy flow in the body, fatless whole body massage in delhi that relaxes muscles and joints by accelerating blood circulation.

Ayurveda Massages
It is one of the oldest Indian medical systems dating back thousands of years. As a word meaning (Ayur) life and (goodbye) science means life science. The most important feature is to see the person as a whole with the body and the mind. Abhyanga (body massage) Shirodhara (special head massage), Shiroabhyanga (full body massage in saket delhi)

Energy balancing massager using finger print technique on the energy points of the body.

Indian Head Massage
A regional massage applied to the head, neck and shoulder, especially effective for discomfort such as insomnia, headache and migraine.

Massage applied by ancient Egyptians and Chinese, balancing the flow of energy with the pressures on the reflex points of the foot and providing healing properties.

Traditional Bali Massages
The effective pressure on the energy points of the body is a kind of massage that acts much deeper through the muscle tissue on the surface with soft strokes and stretching movements. This massage provides balance of all energy centers in the body and integration of the entire internal system. Muscle tensions are relieved, the energy level rises, and an extraordinary relaxation is achieved in the whole body and mind.



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