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The nice female to male full body to body massage in greater kailash delhi makes miracles! After him we feel relaxed and relaxed, but with renewed strength for the challenges of the day. Give yourself this feeling – with wellness spa & beauty!

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Female to Male Full Body to Body Massage in Greater Kailash Delhi

• Relaxing body to body massage in greater kailash delhi (60 minutes)
Relaxing back massage with chocolate (60 minutes)
• Aroma massage of whole body (60 minutes)
• Full body massage in delhi (60 minutes)
• Back massage with honey (30 minutes)
• Head, shoulder and hand massage (30 minutes)
• Healing massage on the back with healing oils (30 minutes)
• Total Body Massage in delhi (90 minutes)
• Total body massage with suction cups or back with moxa (60 minutes)
• Relaxing massage for tired feet (40 minutes, on whole legs)

More about massages:

Relaxing body to body massage
The relaxing massage in delhi has a relaxing effect on the body, it tones the body, releasing it from fatigue, revitalizing on the psyche, improving the function of the nervous system, also sensitively affecting the cardiovascular system. The positive results of the relaxing body to body massage in south delhi type are also expressed in the movement of blood and lymph, increased immunity, stress and anxiety. After this massage, the body feels fresh and toned, because of the increased blood circulation and the excretion of toxins. Relaxing full body massage in delhi will relieve you of anxiety and anxiety, will successfully eliminate the stress of everyday life, increase your self-esteem and help you feel the harmony between your spirit and your body.

Healing massage on the back
Intensive massage and muscle recovery techniques are used. Helps reduce tension in your muscles. The massage ends with a refreshing gel that strengthens blood circulation.

Back massage with honey
Everyone is familiar with the beneficial medicinal properties of honey on the human body. Medotherapy, as a massage procedure, is an original healing method that is used to extract unnecessary and toxic substances through human skin. For this purpose, bee honey is applied to the skin of the body and by specific massage techniques the harmful toxins retained in the subcutaneous tissues of the human body are extracted.

Healing body massage
The well-matched composition of the products used helps restore the body after physical exertion, traumas, arthritis, plexitis, neuralgia, herniated disc. Massage reduces muscle tension and joint pain, relaxes muscles and acts anti-inflammatory, immune-stimulating and painless.

Massage with suction cups
The cups are small cups which, under the influence of mechanical or thermal pressure, suck the skin at the place where they are placed, thus causing blood to flow to it. They are usually placed on the back, abdomen, shoulders or ribs. It is also possible on the neck and legs. Above all, suction cups are recommended for colds, coughs, bronchitis. It also applies to perceptions and traumas. This is an excellent method for cleansing the body from toxins and improving blood circulation.

Massage with moxa
This massage belongs to reflexology. It has a thermal effect on biologically active acupressure points. It is made with herbal cigars called moxes. The moxa may be of a different herbal composition or flavor. Depending on the health problem, a special technique is chosen which allows adding or removing energy from the diseased site

Full body massage in greater kailash delhi
It improves its texture and health, rejuvenates it, stimulates blood circulation in the subcutaneous layer and, last but not least, makes us look younger in general.

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