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Female to male body to body massage is available at Wellness Spa and Massage Parlour in Kalkaji, Delhi. We have a unique collection of massage therapy to assist restore the natural state of health and equilibrium, inspired by traditional healing therapy and modern sophistication.

Massage Services in Kalkaji:


They work similarly to aromatherapy with the effects of different fragrances on the body. We work with essential oils. They are natural plant volatile substances that can influence not only the state of mind and mood but also overall health. Massage includes treatment of the whole body from the toes to the scalp, including facial massage. Therefore, I recommend to come without makeup. Total holistic aromatherapy massage lasts about 30 – 120 minutes. It positively harmonises the nervous system, relaxes and induces deep relaxation. It also relieves the body of stress and depression. It helps to stimulate the lymphatic flow, thus triggering detoxification processes in the body. It regenerates, vitalises and nourishes the skin of the whole body.


Reflexology of the sole of the feet is a gentle, effective and long-established method based on the knowledge that there are many points on the foot that correspond to individual organs and parts of the body due to nerve connections. The effect of reflexology tends to be immediate, which is of great importance for pain and acute problems. Each part of the human organism (digestive, respiratory, excretory, reproductive, endocrine and sensory systems, body skeleton) can be influenced by pressure on the points located on the sole of the foot, toes, toes and around the ankles. By pressing or smoothing these reflective pads, we can specifically heal the organ or part of the body. Reflexology massage can stimulate if the organ works poorly and needs energy. Also, soothe when in a state of acute inflammation or pain, and harmonize.


She is nicknamed the queen of massages. Special touches combined with the magical power of heated lava stones perfectly harmonize body and mind and relieve tension. Blissful to meditative state can induce much faster than the classic way of massaging. Hot lava stones will dissipate negative energy from your body.


It is particularly important in today’s busy world, where stress is considered to be the main cause of many physical and mental problems. The massage technique can help relieve pain, stiffness and sore muscles, help promote blood circulation, lymphatic system and eliminate toxic substances from the body. They use gentler, slow touches. In conjunction with high-quality oil, total peace and quiet are induced.


It is a vigorous form of massage aimed at the physical body and its musculoskeletal system. It can prepare athletes for a certain sporting performance, or relieve them of fatigue after the workout and contribute to a faster recovery, as the massage results in the removal of waste substances and lactic acid from the muscles.

Female to male body massage

By getting calming body massages from attractive females from Our Massage Centre in Kalkaji Delhi, you can obtain relief from all kinds of physical aches, stress, and fatigue. Please contact us if you require immediate assistance.

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