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A massage is often seen as pure luxury. You use it when you want to relax and have the time and money for it. Yet a massage has many benefits that should not be underestimated! In this article we have listed six benefits of a massage for you.

  1. Massage provides relaxation

For many people, relaxation is the most important reason for a massage. During a massage, substances are made that counteract the feeling of stress and the (stuck) muscles are loosened. The oils used during a massage also have a relaxing effect. Ingredients such as chamomile or lavender ensure a relaxing feeling.

  1. Happier

A massage gives you a happy feeling and it works well against depression. How? Substances such as serotonin and endorphin are released during massage. These are happiness hormones that ensure a happy and confident feeling. In addition to that massages generally make you happier, they also help against mood swings and PMS.

  1. Better resistance

When you get a massage, more white blood cells are created. These blood cells are important to prevent diseases. The more white blood cells, the faster these blood cells can take action against pathogens. In addition, stress influences your resistance and you will have a stronger immune system through less stress. This stronger immune system ensures that you are less likely to fall ill!

  1. Deeper sleep

After a massage you can always sleep deeply! This is due to delta waves in the brain that are created during a massage. These brain waves will last for a few days, allowing you to enjoy this deep sleep even longer. An important advantage to regularly make use of a massage!

  1. Healthier skin

Besides that a massage has many benefits for your health, it also has an effect on your appearance. It ensures a better blood flow, so you get tighter and healthier skin. By massaging your face for a few minutes every day, you will see results. For an optimal result it is advisable to use a scrub. This also removes dead skin cells and makes room for new cells. A massage ensures that you wake up naturally in a radiant way!

  1. Easy to do at home

Massages are often seen as expensive, which increases the threshold for regular use of a massage. But did you know that you can also do this at spa? More and more professional products are coming onto the market to get started with. You can buy a massage table for our spa to create your own piece of wellness. A knee roll is also recommended to purchase when you use massages at spa. You can use this for your knees, but also as a neck roll. It provides extra comfort, so that you can enjoy optimum relaxation at spa in delhi!

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