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Massage and your self-healing capacity

Massage is first and foremost a pleasure to enjoy. But did you also know that it is very healthy? Massage is good for body and mind and that has a number of reasons.

The undivided attention that you get and the peace in which this takes place makes you come back to yourself for a moment, so that your body can recover, because space is made for what there is. In silence. Just don’t give, just receive. Massage also stimulates the production of endorphins and oxytocins. These bodily substances reduce stress and increase your happiness. And because your muscles have a good blood circulation after a massage, they feel smooth and relaxed again. Yes!

More importantly, the deeper you sink, the more you can surrender to the ‘now’ and to gravity, the more the activity of your brain waves decreases, more and more, until you are at the theta level; the level of a trance / meditative state of being. You are not aware of time and space here. And yet you feel very well that you are being massaged. A special experience. And also at this level your self-healing capacity is activated, either; a boost for your immune system. No superfluous luxury so such a massage treatment 🙂

A list of benefits of massage:

  • activates your self-healing capacity
  • reduces stress *
  • stimulates the feeling of happiness
  • increases your resistance
  • stimulates blood flow
  • unbuttoned (and waste is removed)
  • improves the balance between body and mind
  • gives energy
  • works preventively
  • let you come to yourself again
  • makes you more aware of your own body
  • compensates for the lack of touch if, for example, you have no partner

For: Try to ensure that you do not arrive in a hurry; slow down your pace, take a little deeper breath and smile 🙂 If there are things that I should take into account, will you let me know in advance? I am thinking of: pregnancy, injuries or a disorder. Take out your cell phone or leave it at home 😉

Oh yes, I have no waiting room, so I like it best if you knock on the agreed time, if you are much earlier you have the chance that I am pausing 🙂

After: Plan if possible, nothing during the first hour after the massage so that you can optimally enjoy it. Also drink enough water or herbal tea after your session, so that you can let the loosely massed waste flow out of your body. Who knows, you might feel like sitting somewhere on a terrace with a nice book to enjoy afterwards 🙂

* Stress: temporary stress is no problem. It is even useful if we have to perform, we are even built on that as a person. We have an ancient stress system with which we can respond quickly and smartly in worrying situations. Your heart rate goes up, your blood pressure and breathing increase. Stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline vulture through your body. Useful in itself, but this supreme state of readiness should not last too long, because then it will turn against you. Wear and aging processes are accelerated and the risk of disease (imbalance) increases. So always ensure a good balance between action and rest. Rest is really useful; this way the body can recover.

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