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Relaxing classical body massage is a very gentle and pleasant form of supplying life energy, it is a refreshing sensory therapy using the aroma and healing effects of the aromatic essences of pure natural oils, which naturally – non-toxic and non-hate – heals the body and mind. When supplying all vital organs, the self-healing mechanism of man is restored and perception is also improved. Massage will help you to remove poisons from your body, release blocked energy, remove back and neck pain and return your body to its natural balance and have a beneficial effect on your health. Indulge yourself in a relaxing, fragrant essential oil atmosphere with relaxing music and discover the healing power of touch.

Indications, effects of relaxing classical massage

relieves muscle tension, muscle pain
strengthens immunity, minimizes fatigue, irritability and stress
helps to calm the body, massage makes sense of safety
aromas of aromatic essences directly affect the brain and central nervous system and immediately affect our psyche
it brings deep relaxation and total mental cleansing
stimulate blood and lymph circulation, digestion and body functions
it alleviates the accumulation of blood and sap in some organs, induces even blood circulation throughout the body
there is better energy flow
natural oils are absorbed through the skin, moving into the bloodstream, and then distributing them to all parts of our body; after a few hours, they are excreted again (through the skin, urine or lungs), but they still affect our body for days to weeks
contributes to the removal of harmful substances from the body

Contraindications, unsuitability of relaxing classical massage

not very suitable for pregnant women (due to their intensity)
varicose veins (for leg massage)
severe blood circulation disorders and bleeding conditions
cancer illnesses
feverish, infectious or acutely inflammatory diseases
conditions requiring bed rest
major bleeding conditions (haemophilia, leukemia)
diseases of the abdominal cavity associated with inflammation (caecum, gallbladder, etc.), postoperative conditions in the abdominal cavity and chest
injury to the abdominal cavity
condition immediately after a heavy meal
just after great physical exertion – better wait the next day
drunkenness, conditions under the influence of psychotropic substances

Wellness Spa, through its beauty wellness area, offers you this plan to give or enjoy with your friends, your boy, or whoever you want. Any excuse is good! Disconnect with a relaxing massage, choosing the intensity of it.

Service:  swedish, shiatsu, balinese, hot stone, sandwich, aroma therapy, sports, thai, deep tissue, lomi lomi & happy ending massage also foot reflexology.

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