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During the relaxation massage special exercise techniques and exercises are used, which relax the tired body, restore the energy balance and eliminate stress and tension. Protein and mineral-enriched oils perfectly nourish, moisturize, refresh and smooth your skin. Highly recommended for sensitive skin and dry skin, it stimulates skin cell regeneration, does not leave a layer of fat and penetrates deeper skin tissues.

Cozy environment, soothing music and aromatic scent of oil massage will make you forget and unobtrusive …

Relax with a Good Gift!

Massage as a therapy takes strength in 1964, after two years since opening, dedicated to lectures on humanistic psychology and experiential workshops. Different body therapies and massages are experienced to become a tool for exploration, awareness and healing.

The first ones that contributed knowledge of massages and body work were: Bernie Gunther with the Swedish massage, focusing on sensitive aspects, founded self-awareness through the sensation that comes from within. The therapist joined the client and listened to his intuition, nervous system to the nervous system.

Massage had become a nonverbal interaction, intuitive and following the flow of energy.

THERAPY WITH WINDOWS – Millennium therapy that consists of using the suction cups that make them stick to the body, this produces a bruise that has some positive effects on the body: reflexological effects, muscle relaxant, analgesic, regulates the nervous system, increases body defenses, and improves blood circulation.

ACUPUNCTURE – Energy therapy that uses special and very thin needles to stimulate and unblock the flow of energy of the body with the aim of restoring its balance.

With acupuncture we treat different imbalances such as stress, anxiety, muscular and skeletal pains, migraines, skin imbalances, etc.

MASSAGE WITH PINDS – Pindas are bags full of aromatic and medicinal herbs, which are heated to steam to apply to the massage and enjoy their benefit, the heat opens the pores of the skin facilitating the action and absorption of the properties of plants.

This massage is indicated by the relaxation of the muscles, tendons and joints, it also alleviates tension, physical and emotional stress and soothes pain and discomfort.

MOCHA THERAPY: Moxibustion is a therapeutic method of traditional Chinese medicine that involves applying heat by stimulating a series of acupuncture points in the body in order to heal disorders to restore the balance of physiological functions.

SPORTS MASSAGE – Sports massage is based on elements of the Swedish classical massage and incorporates a combination of stretching techniques, compressions, friction, toning, as well as advanced pressure techniques and Shiatsu. The sports massage prepares musculature for exercise, increases blood circulation, eliminates muscle toxins, helps prevent muscle and tendon injuries, tone muscle tissue, stimulates adrenaline production, relieves post- Training accelerates the recovery of sports injuries, increases the performance of the athlete.

CHIROMASSAGE-HOLISTIC It is a technique designed to eliminate or decrease pain of tension al type, energy blockage or lack of tone. It is based on friction, pressure, percussion or stretching, depending on the problem to be treated and the methodology used.

It is a method of valuation (by means of perceptive palpation) and of applied manual treatment and transmitted by the mechanical pressure of the hands of the different organs and tissues of the human body.

REFLEXOLOGY – It is known as reflexology all those massages and pressures that are performed in the reflex areas of the feet. It is, therefore, a manual and simple technique that seeks at all times through the touch, healing and improvement of the patient

It acts by balancing the energy of the body and the internal organs contemplating the physical and emotional part of the same treatment, it is recommended as a complement to any traditional medicine therapy.

SHIATSU Massage – Japanese therapeutic massage based on traditional Chinese medicine. It is a body therapy that applies pressures with the fingers and hands on the patient’s body and exerts a continuous pressure that activates the autonomic nervous system and the spinal cord, improving the physiological functions.

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