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With a full body massage, the body’s self-healing power is stimulated.

Classic full body massage by female to male in delhi is one of the oldest massage forms and is also called Swedish massage. The masseur works with techniques such as effleurage (ironing), petrissage (kneading), tapotements (knocking), frictions (small circular pushing movements) and vibrations (vibration). The combination of these techniques stimulates the blood flow of the tissues, which improves drainage of waste, metabolism and, consequently, the muscle function as a whole.

Full Body Massage by Females to Male in Delhi

In other words, the body’s self-healing ability is stimulated.

Application of the massage

Female to male body massage in delhi can be applied to pain, stress or burnout complaints, muscle fatigue, tension, muscle hardness, muscle aches, spasms, blood circulation and full or local relaxation. The massage handles are usually the same as those used for physical therapy, beauty care and sports massage.

What can I expect?

During the massage, you are covered in your underwear, covered with towels, on a massage table, uncovering the body part that is massaged. In classical massage, the masseur uses the hands, palms and fingers. To be able to move smoothly over the skin, a layer of oil is applied to the skin.

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