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Massage from ancient times is recognized and recognized as one of the methods for the prevention, treatment and elimination of various diseases. delhi body massage at the same time puts the mind, emotions, body and soul of man into action, thus achieving deep relaxation of body, mind, stress release and toxins, improving oxygen flow to the body as well as improving circulation of liquids bodily (blood and lymph).

The Chinese have practiced the art of therapeutic foot massage in delhi for about 5,000 years. Foot Massage:

– Removes and reduces stress and tension.

– Improves the flexibility of the hands and feet

– Restores vitality

– Helps reduce pain

– Stimulates all body systems

– Helps in the problems of hands and feet

– Eliminate toxins from lifestyle changes

– It creates a connection between body-mind-heart

body with foot massage

A Western medical study has concluded that massaging the thumbs makes our brains work better. According to reflexology, the foot contains many reflex points that correspond to all parts of the body, glands, or organs. In fact, reflexologists find a map of all bodies of the body located on the soles of the foot.

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