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Shiatsu has a rather short history, it was born in the last century. It can be said that it represents a kind of contemporary version of amma massage.

Shiatsu Massage, primarily, aims at restoring and supporting human energy. It shows excellent results in the treatment of insomnia and nervous disorders.

It is believed that Shiatsu is capable of effectively balancing the struggle of different beginnings in the human body. Their harmony is reached.

Effect of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu has a fairly wide range of effects. It should be noted that similar techniques can be used in different situations. This is due to the peculiarities of this massage. Shiatsu is not intended for the treatment of diseases, but for stimulating the body’s protective forces. It is also used to improve the overall human vitality.

Specialists in energy medicine believe that shiatsu promotes energy activation and improves circulation. The points on the human body that uses shiatsu do not generally coincide with those that use traditional Chinese acupuncture.

In general, we can say that these points are almost conditional. Their location is not described very clearly. The creator himself, Shiatsu, explains that this kind of massage is based on the instinct of a person, automatically rubbing and massaging the area of  the body in which he feels pain. He studied and systematized all these instinctive impulses. Shiatsu therapy was developed on the basis of it.

Shiatsu’s methods are also based on the theory of fine energy developed in China. This massage deals with human energy, and not just gives a physical effect on his body.

The Shiatsu masters press on certain points, which have a positive effect on human energy flows. These points are in the deepening of the body. Experts most often determine their location with the help of intuition.

Influence on these points is revealed not only by the fingers of the masseur. For this purpose, special massage balls, called “ki-gong”, are also used. The masseur presses them and rotate it lightly clockwise.

Shiatsu massage can also be used to enhance sexual energy. This type of massage is quite simple and it can be used as an erotic massage. Yes, men need to massage active points in the sacro-lumbar region for three seconds. In women, these points are located in the thyroid gland and between the chest. Thus, you can prevent sexual activity.

Shiatsu is often used and simply to relieve stress accumulated during the day.

Shiatsu technique

Shiatsu massage course is usually 7-10 days. After that, we recommend taking a short break.

Shiatsu technique refers to the rhythmic pressing of a finger or different parts of the palm to the desired point. The main standard method of this type of massage can be called the pressure of the entire surface of the first phalanx of the thumb.

The force of the pressure may vary. The masseur can perform both light touch and push the maximum possible force. From time to time there is a complete detachment of his finger from the skin of the patient. These oscillations of force must be carried out at a frequency of 5-10 times per minute.

Sometimes a masseuse uses both hands or fingers of both hands that impose on each other. It should be noted that the finger should not move on the skin.

During massage in delhi, the masseur acts only with three fingers – index, middle and anonymous. The palm is pressured on the eyes and abdomen. Used for the hand and for vibrating massage.

Do not do push-to-push presses that resemble impact on the body. The onslaught should be done with soft pads of fingers. At the same time, it transpires that the body weight is transferred to them. The onset pressure should be adjusted depending on the symptoms of the patient’s illness and his general condition. The pressure should be directed perpendicular to the surface of the skin.

When using a massage to treat a particular disease, then most often use points.  Know More Nice Spa Deals in Delhi

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