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FULL BODY MASSAGE – Applies to complete relaxation and toning of the body. Stimulates the immune system and releases the body from fatigue, optimizes blood circulation and reduces tension in the muscles. After this massage, the body feels fresh and toned because of the increased blood circulation and toxin excretion. Full body massage is a great method for improving nervous system performance.

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RELAXING MASSAGE – Relaxing massage acts soothingly, removes tension and helps the body’s regenerative powers. The light and smooth movements characteristic of the relaxing massage are a real pleasure for the senses.

SPORT MASSAGE – Sport-restorative massage to stimulate metabolism and restore muscle after physical exercise.

MASSAGE WITH HONEY – The healing power of honey has been known since antiquity. The honey massage has a strong tonicity and immune-strengthening effect. It restores the natural ability of the body to self-purify from the poisons. Honey massage has a strong tonic effect on the whole organism and is particularly effective in: arthrosis; pulmonary diseases; liver diseases; headache; insomnia; depressions; chronic fatigue; slow recovery after severe illness and pregnancy, etc.

MASSAGE WITH OLIVE OIL – Oxygen massage is very useful and healthy for people with dry and troubled skin. The extracts extracted from the olives strengthen and deeply nourish the skin, make it silky soft and elastic and the active ingredients contained in the olive oil keep the skin healthy, fresh and toned.

MEDICAL MASSAGE – Applied to prevent and relieve stress. It is a combination of mechanical effects on the skin and underlying tissues. It is performed by special techniques and applies to various traumatic and internal diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joints and many others. Vents may also be used if necessary.

RELAXING MASSAGE WITH GEL MED and MILK – This is a luxurious complete body massage in delhi with a massage gel with honey and milk and aromatic herbal oil. Rejuvenating and refreshing ritual with a delicate skin-smoothing effect.

RELAXING MASSAGE – with “ROSE AND MED” – This is a luxurious complete full body to body massage in delhi with massage gel with honey and rose and aromatic herbal oil. Moisturizing and nourishing effect, soothing and healing.

WASH MASSAGE – Vacuum causes blood and lymph flow from deep tissue to the skin. Increases metabolism and so-called “skin breathing.” The skin becomes elastic and our resistance forces are rising.

AROMA MASSAGE – with Indonesian oil mixed with the essence of grape, orang ylang, rose and jasmine. It is recommended for stress relieving, relaxing muscles and lifting the spirit.

BAMBUQUE MASSAGE – Bamboo SPA massage has a strong bio-stimulating effect and combines lymph-drainage with elements of reflexology. Ideal for both women (in cellulite areas) and men and athletes due to the stimulating effect of neuromuscular groups.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi MASSAGE – Hawaiian massage Lomi-Lomi builds on a philosophy based on three basic principles – touch, love and attention. This massage is one of the most effective ways to fight emotional or physical stress. The smart application of unique massage techniques, as well as positive energy and full attention to the therapist, eliminates emotional and physical blockages. That is why it is one of the most important holistic methods of healing.

RELAXING MASSAGE – Candle treatment – Unique spa treatment – made with an aromatic candle of warm, fragrant essential oils for complete relaxation of the spirit and body and an unforgettable pleasure.

TRADITIONAL THAILAND – Thai massage includes elements of acupressure through rhythmic movements, stimulation of energy meridians, and elements of yoga exercises. This therapy improves the mobility of the body and physiological systems. It achieves a better balance of vital energy and stimulation of the immune system.

BULGARIAN MASSAGE – Powerful or relaxing full body massage in delhi filled with natural rose oil followed by bath-jacuzzis with pink leaves and aromatic rose oil.

AROMA LUX MASSAGE – Treat your senses and rejuvenate your body with a luxurious body massage in delhi with aromatic oils that have a relaxing and energizing detoxifying effect. This rich combination of essential oils has a strong revitalizing effect on the entire human body.

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