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Relieve your stress and tensions accumulated with a relaxing body massage in saket delhi of 60 minutes at the center of Wellness Massage.

Release tensions with this relaxing 60-minute body to body massage with aromatherapy at the Wellness massage center in Delhi.

body massage in saket delhi
body massage in saket delhi

Aromatherapy massage
This type of massage includes the use of vegetable oils that are absorbed into the skin to improve the calming and healing effects of the treatment. Oats have a strong effect on the patient’s mood by affecting the cells responsible for emotions and memory in the brain.

This type of massage is excellent for improving situations of mental stress, and improving problems related to the person’s moods.

A massage based on soft and long manipulations, with a medium pressure, that will help you relax and forget the tension of everyday life. It eliminates the muscular tensions generated mainly by the stress and the pressure of the daily life. It is an ideal treatment to mitigate fatigue and provide a sense of complete well-being.

Their benefits are to calm back pain, promote blood circulation, help relax the mind and body, promote deep rest, reduce stress by improving the quality of sleep, swollen legs and swollen feet.

The massage is applied with vegetable oils and essential oils regenerating, oxygenating and antioxidants.

60 minutes of absolute relaxation only for you or for whom you want.

The treatment includes:

Body massage in south delhi with essential oils and aromatherapy of 60 minutes.
1 infusion to choose.

Buy your massage today and experience a well-being!

  • The BEST massage technique
  • The most enthusiastic service attitude
  • We will treat you like a King
  • 100% YOUNGEST Staff
  • 100% Petite Staff
  • All types of staff choose for you
  • The most enthusiastic service attitude
  • First-class service Ensure your satisfaction

The Spa is open every day from 10:00am to 9:00pm. We reserve the right to change the working hours.

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