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Female to male full body to body massage centre in moti nagar delhi. Please get appointment – +91 8851563452

body to body massage in moti nagar delhi

With quality body massage parlour in moti ngarĀ  you will feel fit and healthier. Our massage spa specialist delhi masseuse staff and stylish place to serve you between 11:00 am and 23:00 pm on everydays. Sundays are also open and offer important treatments for you to relieve stress from the weekend.

Our massage room always provides quality to its customers with its decent location. According to the needs of you, technical staff are ready for specialists. You feel more vigorous with ground massage, Jacuzzi massage, spa methods that are miraculous effects of water. The number of staff consists of 6 people. With a fully equipped team, you will have a good health in a short time.

Nice music influences you when you enter the body massage parlour in delhi. Comfortable massage tables and special cupboards designed for you to put in your belongings. Our massage room is designed to provide all kinds of comfort and comfort to you with a waiting room, changing rooms where you can change your clothes and shower cubicles. You can get the technique you want in a 150 square meter area with expert staff. Those who care about their health especially know the benefits of massage. Regular practice provides you with youth.

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