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Massage Spa

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu Massage – Traditional Oriental health-preserving massage works Shiatsu is an alternative therapeutic procedure based on the knowledge and experience of traditional oriental medicine. Basically, acupuncture points and energy paths …

Massage Spa

Ancient History of Healing Touch – Massage

Known from ancient Egypt, the massage is still recognized as a treatment method by which mechanical and reflective effects are applied by smoothing, rubbing, crushing and hammering techniques. In fact, …

Massage Spa

Simple And Effective Massage Instruction at Home

Body massage is a simple way to help you completely eliminate fatigue in the body. Thanks to the physical effect on the whole body, it stimulates the muscles to recover …

Massage Spa

Benefits of Getting Five Minutes of Daily Massage at These 7 Points in The Body!

Our body organs and hormonal disorders and problems can be corrected at some points on our body. It’s almost like acupuncture. Effectiveness of the body parts can also be solved …

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