Benefits of Massaging the Body

Massage is the action on acupuncture, flesh, tendons, joints to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment.

Advantages of this method is simple, effective, wide healing range, good disease prevention. Can be used in any situation and not dependent on other means. You can go to the spa or use a portable massage machine at home to lose weight.

This method is able to cure some acute illnesses and sometimes results quickly. Using full body to body massage in delhi to cure some chronic diseases to ensure safety, done lightly people, symptoms reduce the disease.

Self-massage is to stay healthy and very active. Going through a long history of formation and development, massage therapy is now a popular and well-known medical specialty around the world.

Full body massage in delhi is a type of physical stimulation that directly affects the skin, nerves, blood vessels and sensory organs causing neurological, fluid and endocrine changes, thereby improving the performance. The dynamics of the nervous system, improve the nutritional process and the work capacity of the body.

Effect on the skin: local effects and systemic effects. Systemic effects: Improve the nutritional process, work capacity, nervous activity, by directly stimulating the sensory organs, causing Neural nerve reflexes are useful, due to the secretion of cellular secretions (histamine, choline, H-compound, etalolin), which increase nerve and vasodilatation.

Effect on the spot: The skin’s protective capacity is enhanced; Respiratory ability is also enhanced by clean skin; Temporary increase in temperature, due to dilated capillaries, skin is better nourished.

Effect on the nerves: Effects on the cortex, depending on the state of the patient and the massage procedure, increase the rate of suppression or increased excitement when testing EEG.

Effects on plant nervous system, manifestations of changes in visceral and vascular activities, such as: neck massage, back and shoulders, can cause changes in the nervous organs of the neck , By the central nervous system of the brain in the gray matter of the third brain; Or waist massage 1 (TL 1), waist 2 (TL 2) can cause congestion in the small pelvis. Lower back, waist and bones massage to regulate nutrition and circulation in the large and small pelvic cavities.

Effects on muscles: Increases muscle activity (endurance), restores fatigue. When the muscles work stress causing swelling, stiffness, pain, massage can do all the evidence. This method works well for muscular atrophy, increases glycogen accumulation, well-nourished muscles.

The effect on tendons, joints: Massage increases elasticity, tendon function, ligaments, promotes drainage in joints and circulatory joints, thus eliminating stagnation. And the swelling of the joints in the joints swell, improving blood and lymph circulation around the joints and tendons.

Effect on blood circulation, good for the heart, reduce the burden on the heart, due to vasodilatation (should reduce the resistance in the circuit) and directly promote rapid blood circulation. For blood pressure, clinical practice has proven to increase the body to body massage in rajouri garden of the head and upper hemorrhoids are easy to increase blood pressure, while the lower half massage can lower blood pressure. Or massage the neck of the neck 2, 3 will lower blood pressure, massage the lower back 6, 7 can increase blood pressure. For the composition of blood, while massage, the number of red blood cells, platelets slightly increased, massage is back to the same. The number of white blood cells, hemoglobin may also increase. This transient change may be due to nerve reflexes, which may be due to the effect of the fluid and enhance the body’s defense.

Effect on lymph: Massage is very effective with lymphatic system triple. Lymph circulation in the lymphatic system is caused by muscle contractions, and then goes into the vein. Body to body massage in moti nagar works directly to push lymph in a certain direction, causing the lymphatic circulation to increase several fold faster. Rapid swelling (massage in the direction of circulation of lymph). For patients with severe leg pain (due to overdose) or due to circulatory lymphatic obstruction, may be due to massage to the lymph circulation, promote circulation of the water, so that the legs and restrain normal.

Effects on respiration: When the massage is in the chest, the patient deepens, possibly by direct stimulation of the chest and reflex. If slightly massage the vertebra neck 4, 5 will cause pneumonia, massage the vertebrae back 6, 7, 8 will dilate the lungs, so can use body to body massage in delhi to cure emphysema, bronchial asthma, sclerosis Lungs … to enhance breathing function and prevent the collapse of respiratory function.

Effects on digestion: It has the effect of enhancing the motility of the stomach and intestines and improve digestive function. When gastrointestinal (gastric, intestinal, hepatic) secretion function is poor, strong stimulation to increase drainage.

Full Body Massage by Female to Male in Delhi

With a full body massage, the body’s self-healing power is stimulated.

Classic full body massage by female to male in delhi is one of the oldest massage forms and is also called Swedish massage. The masseur works with techniques such as effleurage (ironing), petrissage (kneading), tapotements (knocking), frictions (small circular pushing movements) and vibrations (vibration). The combination of these techniques stimulates the blood flow of the tissues, which improves drainage of waste, metabolism and, consequently, the muscle function as a whole.

Full Body Massage by Females to Male in Delhi

In other words, the body’s self-healing ability is stimulated.

Application of the massage

Female to male body massage in delhi can be applied to pain, stress or burnout complaints, muscle fatigue, tension, muscle hardness, muscle aches, spasms, blood circulation and full or local relaxation. The massage handles are usually the same as those used for physical therapy, beauty care and sports massage.

What can I expect?

During the massage, you are covered in your underwear, covered with towels, on a massage table, uncovering the body part that is massaged. In classical massage, the masseur uses the hands, palms and fingers. To be able to move smoothly over the skin, a layer of oil is applied to the skin.

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Massage Therapy in Delhi and Gurgaon

Massage is a healing method known from ancient times, spread throughout the globe in various varieties, but with a single touch of hands, with differently selected techniques.


Massage in delhi is a type of communication, but without linguistic level, but through touch, through sensory perceptions, delivering joy and satisfaction, comfort, complete healing of the body. Using body therapies, as a complement to healthy eating and regular exercise, they greatly improve the quality of life and help us cope with many of the problems associated with old age.

The therapeutic effect of the massage soothes, relaxes, creates a pleasant feeling. Helps reduce high blood pressure, eliminates depression, loneliness and frustration. Carefully applied, improves circulation, relieves rheumatic pain, keeps the skin healthy and elastic. It restores the mobility of joints and muscles, and this contributes to a sense of cheerfulness and completeness. Helping the lymphophysiology promotes elimination of toxins not only from the surface layer of the skin, but also from their elimination from the whole organism. Tonifies nourishes the skin, promotes better self-protection. It cleanses the epidermis and improves the functioning of the sweat glands.

Modern medicine offers 4 theories of massage explanation that work in inseparable synchronicity.

The first is the mechanical irritation of the touch, under its influence in the body there are different reactions, effects which complement and provoke each other in succession. Smoothing the body surface affects subcutaneous tissue, fascia, muscles, and in some cases also internal organs. But this is the most elementary reaction to local, local irritation, which in turn provokes the transmission of impulses through sensory pathways to the central nervous system, from there a nervous response to the treated area and gives a specific response. This action of massage is called reflexive or basic. Reflection, because the information does not only flow in one direction, but feedback is given giving information about the state of the process organ.

Besides mechanical and reflective effects, the massage also has a humorous effect. It is provoked by the mechanical irritation of the tissues, and the investigation is the production of biologically active substances having a pronounced physiological effect on the tissues from which they are separated, and they come into the blood and the lymph spread throughout the body.

This explains the pain-relieving effect of massage, by the irritation of sensory nerves conducting spinal cord pain, endorphins are released from the pituitary gland, which blocks the conduction of a cerebral impulse from the spinal cord to the brain, and the effect is painless. In the massage, some cells in the tissues break down and the released protein plays a role of necro hormone, which hormones are related to the production of antibodies in the body, and this is the explanation of the immuno-biological protective function of the massage.

The fourth theory explaining the action of the massage is bioenergy.

We genetically inherit energy that has been put in the body since our birth on the one hand, and on the other we get energy from the environment through eating, from the ground, from the air, from the water, from the cosmos. Energy circulates in our body for 24 hours and makes a circle, running consecutively through the 12 meridians. And because we are dependent on external energy sources, we need to keep the balance between man and the environment. The task of the massage is to restore the proper flow of bioenergy in the body because the deficiency or surplus of energy in some meridians leads to disease.

Summarize! The four theories of explanation and the action of massage complement each other, making it so important to our daily lives. Touching as the basis of massage gives us delight in the senses, but it also brings undisputed benefits, relaxes the nervous system, strengthens nerve pathways, stimulates the body’s immune defense, throws away unnecessary substances from the body and balances it energetically.

The benefit is in getting harmony!